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  • Do you deliver to my country?
    To find out if we can ship to your country please click on the "Shipping | List of countires" section found under ESHOP MENWOMEN. If you cannot find your country listed here, it means you will have to emal us to inquire whether we can take your order and provide delivery to your specific country.
  • Where will my order ship from?
    All orders are shipped from the United Kingdom
  • How can I find my size?
    For sizing informaition please view the item description - size on the product page before check out. Oversized means the fit will be bigger than the usual size.
  • Where can I be informed of upcoming events?
    Please use our sign up form to be notified of any upcoming events
  • Why do you offer the option to deliver my order by postal services?
    Due to difference in cost of delivery via courier to some countries, we have offered some flexiablity in price, which you may prefer. Your order can be delivered by postal services. Which means in the United Kingdom the country from which your order will be shipped from, we will use the reputable national postal service - Royal mail. This means your order will take longer to arrive, 10 - 15 days from the date of shipping subsequently at a different delivery cost. This option is soley at the preference of the customer. Should you prefer this option please email us to place your order as outlined in the Shipping | List of countries.
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